The Community Manager At Work Roles & Responsibilities

No matter what the size of their portfolio, a community manager must wear a great many professional hats: human resources pro, administrator, mediator, organizer, social director, project manager, sounding board—sometimes even therapist. 

If a water pipe bursts, and water pours from one unit to the other downstairs, the community manager gets the call. Same thing happens when the punk rock guy in 7B decides to hold a band rehearsal in his apartment until midnight, or the aspiring opera singer in 6A is practicing her scales ad infinitum. The best managers are the ones who can juggle all these functions behind the scenes, quietly getting the job done without a lot of fuss or drama. Put it another way: the best managers are minor miracle workers.

Absolutely No Absolutes

If there’s one absolute about a day in the life of a community manager, it’s that there are no absolutes. Every day is different.

“The day-to-day life is hectic,” admits Christian Diamandis of Level Property Management in Las Vegas. “Do not put things off! Take care of stuff as it happens, especially important emails and phone calls. Realize that your mistakes are learning experiences, but don’t hesitate to reach out to an expert when in doubt.”

“It runs the gamut,” adds Doug Weinstein, Vice President of Project Management Group Inc., a division of AKAM Living Services, which has offices in New York and Florida. “It is never the same day to day. There’s all sorts of preventative maintenance to keep up on, and capital projects to manage. I go to job sites and meet with the contractors and engineers.” 


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