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Insurance Attracting Talent
Attracting Talent

With so many people leading busy, sometimes hectic, lives that revolve around work, kids, social functions, and other obligations, it’s often very difficult for condo association and HOA administrators to find residents willing and able to …

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Insurance Insurance Law
Insurance Law

Insurance liability is a very important issue for a condo association or HOA association or a condo association board. Most have built up a good relationship with their insurance agents or brokers, and many are content to leave the details …

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Insurance Indemnity Clauses and Liability
Indemnity Clauses and Liability

One of the unique aspects of community living, whether that community is an association, condo association, or HOA, is the collective responsibility shareholders or association members take upon themselves when they offer to serve on their …

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Insurance Insurance Basics
Insurance Basics

For many people, insurance seems like its own mysterious realm, filled with terminologies that sound formidable and enigmatic. At the same time, people also understand the profound importance of insurance and what it can mean for the safety…

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Insurance Putting a Premium on Your Insurance Coverage
Putting a Premium on Your Insurance Coverage

Even with proper risk management best practices, it’s impossible to completely avoid all types of insurance claims from happening. At heart, a claim is like any other business dealing—a negotiation. Your ability to convincingly argue your p…

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Insurance So You Want to Be a Board Member?
So You Want to Be a Board Member?

I wish someone had told me the nuances of trying to cultivate a community while also trying to manage a business,” said Pat Burke, the current president of the Fieldstondale co-op in Bronx, New York, when asked what he wished someone had to…

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Insurance Insuring Amenities
Insuring Amenities

Like beauty, what constitutes an 'amenity'—particularly a 'luxury' amenity—may well be in the eye of the beholder. Young families may want indoor and outdoor play equipment, while professionals may appreciate a well-appointed gym, and senio…

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Insurance Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation

For over a century, states have had laws, rules and regulations in place to ensure that employees who are injured while performing their jobs are adequately taken care of. An uninsured employer that finds itself embroiled in a workers' comp…

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Insurance Insuring Your Future
Insuring Your Future

As any manager, board president or building administrator rightly knows, protecting your building community against a man-made catastrophe, natural disaster, act of God, or just basic negligence, is not a trivial task. Property casualty in…

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Insurance Network Security & Privacy Liability
Network Security & Privacy Liability

Data breaches can happen from hackers, employees, competitors, vendors or other third parties and can be intentional or accidental. It is well documented that even the best security systems are being hacked at an alarming rate. Most recent…

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