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Seminars 2024 Las Vegas Expo Seminar: Elevate Your HOA
2024 Las Vegas Expo Seminar: Elevate Your HOA

This empowering seminar is designed to provide valuable insights and practical strategies for enhancing the effectiveness of HOA governance. We'll address key challenges HOAs face and equip attendees with the knowledge and tools to better s…

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2024 Winter Non-Resident Board Members

During the heady days of rock-bottom interest rates, it became increasingly common for condo owners to purchase units purely as investment properties—renting them out to long-term tenants, or listing them on short-stay platforms like Airbnb…

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2024 Winter The Board/Management Relationship

Maintaining a stable, successful residential community depends on how well the various stakeholders involved in that common goal come together to achieve it. In professionally managed buildings and HOAs, a huge part of this equation is esta…

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2023 Expo Continuity & Transfer of Power

Among the keys to successful governance of residential communities is continuity.  The most basic of democratically elected units, co-op, condo, and HOA boards are the custodians of their community’s welfare, success, and continued operatio…

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2021 October Managing Board Conflict

Preventing any and all interpersonal conflict is impossible. But in the context of a condo or HOA board, minimizing and mitigating the problem is essential in order for that board to do its job. Those who volunteer to serve on their board a…

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