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Design Recreational Amenities for Kids
Recreational Amenities for Kids

As times change and we encounter life’s transitions, many of the things we once desired take on new forms and shapes. None of those transitions is quite as profound as starting—and raising—a family, and for unit owners who are also parents,…

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Design Horticultural Art in Your Lobby
Horticultural Art in Your Lobby

A green wall in a residential space is like having both an indoor garden and piece of art all rolled into one—and you don’t even have to travel far to a botanical garden or a museum to experience it.  It’s a currently a very popular trend i…

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Design Well-Appointed Common Spaces
Well-Appointed Common Spaces

Just as the ways in which we socialize have changed in recent years, so too have the spaces in which that socializing has traditionally been done. Common spaces and amenities in community associations have evolved to support the needs of re…

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Design Design Committees
Design Committees

When you lived alone, designing your space was easy. You went to the paint store, selected your favorite colors, came home and did the deed. But then you got married, and decorating got a little trickier. Every design decision had to get ap…

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Design A New Look for Your Lobby
A New Look for Your Lobby

The lobby of a resident’s building is the first thing a shareholder, unit owner, guest or prospective buyer notices when they come through the front door. That said, it stands to reason that comfortable, appropriate lobby furnishings are a …

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Design Uniformity in Community Association Design
Uniformity in Community Association Design

At times, the uniformity of community association exteriors is mind-numbing, with the vast majority seemingly identical. Typically, they feature tedious, monochromatic curb appeal, void of color or creative material elements. Within these b…

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Design Coloring Your Community
Coloring Your Community

Volumes of research have been conducted on the practical and aesthetic applications of color. For better or worse, color—in private and public spaces—affects human behavior; it can manipulate mood and perception. A board planning to redecor…

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Design It's Those Drapes!
It's Those Drapes!

Allegedly, on his death bed and with his last breath, the great writer Oscar Wilde said, “This wallpaper is dreadful; one of us will have to go.” The quote conjures a mental picture: Wilde, pale and bedridden, propped up on massive Victori…

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Design Making New Things Old
Making New Things Old

 It's a sad fact that the artisans and craftspeople who created some of the most  beautiful, distinctive interior and exterior architectural elements for New York-area residential buildings are an endangered species. The  proliferation of …

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Design Can You Hear Me Now?
Can You Hear Me Now?

 When walls are the only separation between you and your neighbors, privacy  sometimes goes out the window. People hear their next-door neighbors talking,  footsteps from above or even music blaring through the walls. Sound  transmission b…

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