Diversifying Your Board Practicing and Prioritizing Inclusivity

A democracy fares best when its governing bodies are proportionally representative of its constituents – regardless of scale. Much like federal, state and local governments, community association and condo boards are democratically-elected entities, and like those larger bodies, should strive for proportional representation of the residents they seek to govern. 

Similar as they are, a key difference between holding public office and holding a board position is that fewer people are clamoring to do the latter. Association board members are almost always volunteers who are taking time away from their careers or families to serve the interests of their community or building, and the job requires a fair amount of commitment for not a lot of rewards. Looking for a contender to fill an open board slot can often be slim pickings – in which case the first warm body to take the role sometimes just has to do.

This all raises several questions: How important is it for a board to accurately represent the demographics of its owners? How likely are boards across various markets to be adequately representative? Who is most likely to run for board positions in general? Who is best positioned to encourage increased board diversity and how can they go about it?

Defining Diversity

In order to frame the discussion, it's worth reviewing what diversity means today, and how the term has evolved over time. 

“Fifty years ago, when people in the U.S. spoke of diversity on corporate boards of directors, they were likely most commonly referring to either race or gender,” says James Erwin, Founding Partner of Erwin Law, LLC, in Chicago. “Now, the term encompasses a significantly broader spectrum of factors: gender identity, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, political affiliation and age, among others. 


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