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Owner Relations Neighbor to Neighbor
Neighbor to Neighbor

 When someone moves into a community, they often look for the friendliness and  camaraderie that living in an association brings. But with many personalities  often butting heads on everyday living situations, it can often get tense and  t…

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Board Operations Meeting Masters
Meeting Masters

 Disorganized and poorly-run board meetings are time-wasters that can make even  the most ardent board member cringe at the thought of an upcoming session. On  the flip side, a well-run board meeting can be a productive hour or two or  thr…

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Board Operations Getting Out the Vote
Getting Out the Vote

 When it comes to running board elections in a condo community, the  biggest concern among those involved is making sure the elections are fair and  balanced and nobody has a reason to cry foul. Elections can be heated as it is,  so the vo…

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Board Operations Fiduciary Duty
Fiduciary Duty

 Being elected to the board of directors of a community or condo association comes with a great deal of power, and with that power also comes a  great deal of responsibility. Whether they serve a high-rise condo building or a sprawling HOA…

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Board Operations The Benefits of Being on the Board
The Benefits of Being on the Board

Many unit owners want to get involved in their community but they soon find out that being on the board is no picnic. Soon neighbors are pestering them asking for feuds to be settled, decisions that affect all  resident’s lives have to be m…

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Board Operations Getting Ahead of the Curve
Getting Ahead of the Curve

Few volunteer jobs are as big and involving as serving as a board member for a condo association. In some cases, it means helping to run a multimillion-dollar corporation in one’s spare time. It means managing the place one lives—possibl…

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