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Management In-House Concierge Services
2018 December In-House Concierge Services

Everyone can use a little help now and again. The residents of community associations, associations or homeowners’ associations are no exception. There are tons of tasks that just cannot be left up to the board or residents who are busy peo…

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Management Board/Management Relations
2018 December Board/Management Relations

A community association lives or dies based on how all of the various stakeholders involved can come together in effort to achieve a common goal: the maintenance of a successful and stable residential community. Excluding the buildings and …

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Management Hiring New Management
2018 November Hiring New Management

A productive, collaborative relationship between board and community management is one of the linchpins of any successful condo association or homeowners’ association; it truly is all about teamwork. But if your team isn’t working, it may b…

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Management The Community Manager At Work
2018 November The Community Manager At Work

No matter what the size of their portfolio, a community manager must wear a great many professional hats: human resources pro, administrator, mediator, organizer, social director, project manager, sounding board—sometimes even therapist.  …

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Management Hiring New Management
2017 October Hiring New Management

Handling the day-to-day business of a community association is no simple task, even for boards overseeing a relatively small property. There are books to balance, residents to placate, repairs to schedule, and a multitude of other boxes tha…

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Management Working With Project Coordinators
Working With Project Coordinators

When a building, HOA or an individual apartment owner starts a big project, coordinating phases of work, construction schedules, and other logistics can seem like an extremely daunting task. It’s a lot to orchestrate and keep track of – so …

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Management Service-Based Amenities
Service-Based Amenities

In major US cities these days, the decision to live in  a condo building often hinges upon the style of living afforded in a particular property. Whether it is defined partly by a full-scale gym and spa, a children’s study room/library, a c…

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Management Outsourcing Services
Outsourcing Services

In the perennial struggle to control costs while still adequately maintaining a building or HOA’s physical plant, grounds, and other day-to-day business, some boards and managers are opting to hire superintendents, custodians, and other sta…

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